Tombow’s ippo!
support children to tale the first step in learning


In 2010, a new stationery series for children was born. Tombow’s ippo! Supports children with its unique features to make it easy for children to use writing materials and a variety of designs to motivate them to learn.

A stationary series designed specifically for children

ippo! is a stationery series designed based on the concerns of parents who know and care for their children more than anyone.

Stationery that children find easy and want to use. The quality ensuring safety and the fun designs support and encourage children’s learning.

Unique features of ippo! include pencils shortened to fit the hands of small children and the corners of pencils rounded off to avoid hurting their fingers. ippo! aims to improve its quality and design while supporting children’s growth.

  • Easy-to-use tools

    Easy-to-use specifications and quality for children to encourage their learning.

  • A wide variety of design

    The rich variety of trendy designs will motivate children to learn. The products of this series are also suitable for schools with strict rules as they are designed without using popular characters.

  • Solving the concerns of parents

    The large space for name input makes the stationery recognizable, easing the tense of making preparation for school.


2019 The logo was renewed.


Glue Stick

2014Kids Design Award winner

Glue Tube

2013Kids Design Award winner

Spiral Pencil Grip

2012Kids Design Award winner

Red Pencil

2010Kids Design Award winner

Colored Pencil

2010Kids Design Award winner

Black Lead Pencil

2010Kids Design Award winner

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